IBM 1410 ALD Volume II Completed

I have reached a sort of milestone in my efforts to replicate the IBM 1410 Data Processing System in an FPGA. The Automated Logic Diagrams (ALDs) comprise 11 volumes – I through XI. Volume I is power supply and general items, and so does not play into the process very much.

The milestone is that I have completed generating and running HDL test benches on all of the pages in Volume II (except for one, having to do with a clock, which is not critical, and may or may not be addressed later.)

I really am surprised about a couple of things. First, while I have fixed a smallish handful of bugs in the data gathering / HDL generation application, there really have not been very many problems in that area. The second is that, aided with the information in the Instruction Logic Diagrams (ILDs) in my testing, I have found very very few issues with the data that was actually captured – relatively few “clerical errors” – few enough that I am pretty surprised.

On to Volume III!

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