Hardcopy Terminals

First on our peripheral tour (that’s a joke, son), are terminals. There are a number of terminals in the collection, not all of which are photographed. A few of them live in less than idea conditions in my garage.

ASR 33 Teletype

ASR-33 Teletype

The first terminal in the collection is the ASR-33 Teletype. Its cousin, the KSR-33 looks the same, but without any paper tape. This hardy little device was extremely popular on minicomputers and early microcomputers. It is also probably caused more frustration than almost any mechanical computer device around. This ASR-33 was acquired as part of a package when I acquired my PDP-8/L.

DEC LA36 DECWriter

Digital Equipment LA36

Another hardcopy terminal in the collection is the equally hardy Digital Equipment LA36, acquired from the UW Surplus SWAP program early in my collecting days. It supports speeds up to 300cps, and is powered by an Intel 4004 chip. It was my primary terminal for a number of years until I acquired a VT100. It currently lives in the garage, but I cleaned it up and tested it just a couple of years go. I also have lots of spare parts for it.

Data General Dasher 6042

The other hardcopy terminal in the collection is a Data General 6042 terminal/printer with keyboard. It too is living in the garage, and I tested it a couple of years ago. If I remember correctly, it was acquired with the the S/140, and I used it quite a bit when I first acquired that system.

UPDATE: The hardcopy Dasher 6042 has now been donated to the Large Scale Systems Museum.