IBM 1410 Simulator

IBM 1410 Simulator showing IBM 1415 Console Windows
IBM 1410 Simulator peripheral and debug windows

Between 1997 I worked on and off on a cycle-level simulator for the IBM 1410. Fortunately I have access to the IBM 1410 Field Engineering instructional materials and instructional logic diagrams which have very detailed flowcharts of the machine’s operation.

The program was written using Borland C++ and the Borland Visual Component Library (VCL). This should, I hope, make it easier to bring forward into a more recent version — now sold and supported by Embarcadero — with a free to use version available as the C++ Builder Community Edition. I expect that someday relatively soon I will put this code up on GitHub or some such, with forks for conversion to the newer C++ Builder and perhaps to a Microsoft environment.

The simulator uses the Multi-Document interface in Windows – which has since essentially gone by the wayside, in favor of floating individual windows.

Paul Pierce and I recovered IBM 1410 Diagnostic, PR155 and PR108 system tapes many years ago. Richard Cornwell has a web site with copies suitable for use with SimH or this simulator (Except for the ones that are tailored to an IBM 7010.)