Wish List

I have been collecting computers and associated documentation and media (tapes, disks, floppy disks, and so on) for more than 30 years. Still, there are a few things that remain on my wish list:

  • IBM 1410 Software, especially system tapes. (The system generation tape I do have an image for does not appear to necessarily be an original IBM system generation tape.)
  • Documentation for IBM 1410 systems (e.g., hardware drawings). I do have a set of drawings, and they are probably 98% complete, but having a complete set for a machine of known configuration would be helpful.
  • Documentation for IBM 1410 software, especially for the 1410-PR-108 processor operating system. I have a pretty good set of documentation for PR-155 and some for PR-134, but almost nothing for PR-108.
  • UNIVAC 1108 / 1110 System Software, compilers, etc. Software is generally available for OS/360 and there is a hobbyist license of sorts for the Burroughs 5500 MCP, I have never seen anything of the sort for the UNIVAC 1100 series. UPDATE: OS 2200 Express, an updated from of EXEC 8 and a emulator for the machine are now available from UNISYS. There used to be a version of ClearPath MCP Express, but all of those versions have apparently now expired.
  • Peripherals for my HP 2214B and/or HP 2112B. For example:
    1. HP 12531D RS-232 interface
    2. HP 12532 Paper tape reader interface
    3. HP 12536 Paper tape punch interface
    4. HP 12538 Magnetic tape interface
    5. HP 12560 Calcomp plotter interface
  • A more complete set of diagnostics for Data General equipment (and a way to load them when a system can’t boot off disk or magnetic tape.) DG used a kind of cassette recorder for this purpose.

If you know where I might find one or more of these items, please email me at cube1us (at) gmail.com