Friends and Other Collectors

Here are some of my friends:

  • Paul Pierce, a friend and fellow collector of old computers (Web page seems to be down at this time)
  • R. Hannes Beinert, another friend who helped immensely during my collection’s “acquisition phase”.
  • John Sobotik, a good friend at Wisconsin DOT
  • Dave Fehr, who passed away in early 2019, and John Kendall, friends and workmates from Wisconsin DOT. Dave did very good work with stained glass, and we have a couple of his pieces.
  • Pete Mooney, a friend at the Hoofers Sailing Club.
  • I have also contributed to, and benefited considerably from the document archive at .

Other collectors and collections:

  • Paul Pierce’s Museum: Paul has a varied collection, including unit record equipment and mainframes (the best collection of those I am aware of) and minicomputers. Recently Paul has made significant donations from his collection to other museums.
  • Carl Friend’s Museum: Carl has a very good collection of minicomputers. Also, he has taken the time to provide much more explanation than I have on my pages so far (but maybe my new site will improve things. ūüėČ )
  • The UNIX Heritage Society: If you are “into” the origins and history of Unix, this is a “must visit”.
  • Professor¬†Douglas W. Jones¬†of the University of Iowa has a good bit of information on¬†PDP-8’s¬†and a pointer to the¬†Museum of HP Calculators. The PDP-8 information contains pointers to several good sources of information. The HP pointer was the first I followed to the HP Calculator Museum.
  • Kevin McQuiggin’s PDP-8 Page at Highgate: A great collection of scanned documents.
  • David Gesswein’s PDP-8 page: At one time there was a PDP-8 online, but it seems to be offline as of this writing.
  • The S100Computers page: John Monohan and crew design some pretty nice boards that can help with managing and maintaining old S100 systems. There is also a pretty good store of documents on the site: follow the links from individual boards listed under “S-100 Boards”.
  • Donald Whittemore has a nice collection of 80 column card images (not decks: 4227 individual cards, all different!)