The MT Dungeon Entrance

I put together this little page to contain information on the MT Dungeon. Currently is it not linked (you have to know the URL), but that may change.

Reference Documents

Adventure Summaries

Here you will find synopses of the group’s trek through the MT Dungeon worlds.


D&D is an enormous game, in terms of rules and everything that can be done – it tends to be overwhelming.  Certainly your DM does not know all the rules, and will make mistakes.  It’s OK: the idea is to have FUN.

The fundamental rules are available in a couple of forms:

  • The D&D Fifth Edition (D&D5e) Systems Reference Document (“SRD”), available at    For now, this will be our arbiter for questions about rules.  But that will change if/when your DM signs on to D&D Beyond with full privileges, giving access to the full materials, in which case the actual Wizard of the Coasts books (in electronic form) will be the rules we use.  The material from pages 56 through 98 may be the most helpful for a basic understanding.
  • Disclaimer:  Your DM is going to get stuff wrong.  If you spot something during the session feel free to mention it, and if appropriate we’ll correct it on the spot.  If you spot something post-session, send me an e-mail so I can learn from my mistakes, and we’ll correct what we can.  Hopefully none of them will be fatal for your character.   😉

D&D Beyond

The commercial website D&D Beyond ( ) is a fantastic resource, and I recommend signing up, at least at the free level.

  • I have created a campaign there called “The MT Dungeon” (I dropped the “- Testing”).   I have provided a link in email and will do so again when I release this document – I don’t want to put it in the document itself.
  • You can create (“roll up”) a character (more on that below), and then have it join my campaign.  By so doing you enable me to download it for you into Foundry VTT
  • If and when I purchase content there and subscribe at the “Master Tier” then anyone who joins my campaign on D&D Beyond will be able to see those materials – even those who do not themselves subscribe.
  • They have a couple of mobile device “apps” – one is a searchable compendium reference to the basic rules (called D&D Beyond in the app store.  I recommend installing the app and downloading the Basic Rules into it.  ) [Note:  Please DO NOT DOWNLOAD OR LOOK AT “FROZEN SICK” as it contains spoilers!]. 
  • The other app is called “DDB Player” and provides ways of accessing characters you may have, or creating new ones.