Friends and Other Collections

Here are some of my friends.

Other collectors and collections:

Paul Pierce's Museum

Paul has a varied collection, including unit record equipment and mainframes (the best collection of those I am aware of) and minicomputers.

Carl Friend's Museum

Carl has a very good collection of minicomputers. Also, he has taken the time to provide much more explanation than I have on my pages so far.

The PDP Unix Preservation Society

If you are "into" the origins and history of Unix, this is a "must visit".

Professor Douglas W. Jones of the University of Iowa has a good bit of information on PDP-8's and a pointer to the Museum of HP Calculators.

The PDP-8 information contains pointers to several good sources of information. The HP pointer was the first I followed to the HP Calculator Museum.

Kevin McQuiggin's PDP-8 Page at Highgate

A great collection of scanned documents.

Run a PDP-8 from David Gesswein's PDP-8 page at Highgate

Yes, you can really run a real PDP-8/e over the 'net.

The Yahoo Computers and Internet History List

This is a very nice list of computer museum/collection/history sites.

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